Discover the colors of new collection

Discover the special colors of the spring-summer 2020 collection!

Colors play a prominent role in our lives, for this reason it is very important what we are wearing. Our color choices also reflect our attitude to life. We have now brought you the cheerful colors of this year's collection!

Yellow is a symbol of wisdom, joy, happiness, originality and patience. With our yellow clothes we radiate good humor, willingness to act, liberation.

Bright pink is youthful, cheerful and exciting, with the same high level of energy as red is sensual and passionate without being too aggressive. It encourages action and confidence.

The color turquoise is a symbol of spring, refreshment, energy, youth. It symbolizes the sky as well as the spirit facing the human body, it has a calming effect. It is especially worth wearing for public performances, as it creates harmony between us and our audience.