New collection - Autumn-Winter 2020

24/09/2020 12:37
New collection - Autumn-Winter 2020

Discover the 2020 autumn-winter collection!

Slowly, the power of the last rays of the sun subsides, nature turns from green to yellow, burgundy, and brown, and the wonderful-colored autumn arrives.

This year Naracamicie has created its unique, unmistakable collection with the beautiful shades of autumn in mind.

The previous and current models of our collection are also characterized by diversity. In addition to the well-used, restrained, more conservative pieces, the highlight colors of the 2020 fall / winter models are brownish, burgundy, greenish shades with lots of gold accessories.

Harmony - calmness - balance

Feel free to combine the highlight color of autumn, brown with yellow, green and purple! The result will be really stylish and surprisingly stunning!


Laces, ruffles, striking patterns

Lovers of a truly feminine look won’t be disappointed this year either: the 2020 fall-winter collection will once again bring back ruffles and tailors, refined lace inserts, eye-catching yet non-ostentatious, special collar solutions and huge patterns.


Business look for women


Masculinity and lewdness

The pieces of our collection intended for gentlemen were made again this year in the unique style customary from Naracamicie. In addition to the well-used, more “business-like” pieces, our male customers will once again find bolder, more engaging, more eye-catching models in our offer.


Business look for men

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